Youth Champions Lead and Learn at Global Health Conference

In February, Rise Up Youth Champions shared their voices and expertise as emerging leaders in sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) at the Implementing Best Practices (IBP) Initiative Asia Regional Partners Meeting, a three-day convening held in New Delhi.

The semi-annual IBP event gathered participants from more than 7 countries and 45 organizations to strengthen partnerships, share resources, and activate key initiatives to advance family planning in India and greater Asia.
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Press Release: Rise Up Launches New Collective Impact Partnership to Advance Economic Power and Justice for Girls and Women in India

OAKLAND, CA: Some of the world’s most effective and engaged gender equality organizations will harness their individual expertise into an innovative collective impact project that aims to increase the economic power of women and girls in India. The three-year project, “Collective Impact Partners: Women’s and Girl’s Economic Empowerment Advocacy in India,” will be led by the Global Fund for Women, Global Women’s Leadership Network, Public Health Institute, Rise Up, and World Pulse.

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Kenyan Youth Champions Take the Media by Storm to Advocate for Change: Addressing NCD Challenges

Rise Up uses an externally validated model to enable local leaders to improve health outcomes through leadership and organizational strengthening, funding, and advocacy.  Through this work, the Champions for Change Initiative aims to build a better future by improving laws, policies, funding, and programs for girls, youth and women. It is an initiative of Rise Up’s, a flagship global programme of the Public Health Institute that works to advance health, education and equity for girls, youth and women.

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What’s Next in the Fight to End Child Marriage in Guatemala?

Guatemala has taken a huge step forward for girls, officially outlawing child marriage following years of advocacy by activists and girl leaders.

New legislation closes a major loophole in the law, a major victory for girls in a country that has one of the highest rates of child marriage in Latin America. According to Unicef, 30 percent of girls are married by 18 years of age in Guatemala. Most common among Mayan indigenous communities, child marriage is driven by poverty, tradition and lack of education and economic opportunities.

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Meet Guatemalan Girl Leader, Rita

Girl leader: Rita, 17 years old, Guatemala

Rita is a girl leader in Rise Up’s Let Girls Lead Municipal Girl Network, a girls’ advocacy and leadership program in her town to improve girls’ access to education, healthcare and safety. Rise Up empowers girl leaders and local organizations to guarantee girls’ rights through girl-centered advocacy.

Rita believes in the power of girls to improve the lives and well-being of their families, their communities and their country. Rita shares with us what it is like to work on behalf of other girls.

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We’re Stronger When We Rise Up Together

Rise Up’s work did not begin with this presidential campaign, and it does not end with this election. And as our fight for girls, youth, and women everywhere becomes more difficult, we strengthen our resolve to speak out for the voiceless, to champion human rights, and to continue to rise up together.

For just as Rise Up’s leaders do not give up in the battle against misogyny, racism, and oppression, we will not give up. Now more than ever, we rise up with girls, youth, and women around the world who are working to end injustice.

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#RiseUp4Girls: Guatemalan Girl Leader Rises Up at World Wide Women Girls’ Festival

Rise Up Guatemalan Girl Leader Ixchel will be speaking about her campaign for girls rights at San Francisco’s WORLD WIDE WOMEN GIRLS’ FESTIVAL this Saturday. On October 15th from 9am-5pm in San Francisco, 5,000 girls and their families from all over the Bay Area will experience a game-changing day of exploration and learning at the World Wide Women Girls’ Festival. Please join Ixchel from Guatemala, and a panel of inspiring girls leaders originally Somaliland, Nigeria and the US who are doing important work to advance girls’ health, education, and equity around the world. The Global Girls’ Voices panel will take place at San Francisco’s Fort Mason on the Main Stage at 12:30pm. For more information and tickets, visit

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Raising My Voice for Ethiopian Girls

Girls are the world’s greatest possible return on investment. Investing in girls is the most cost effective strategy we have to build a more sustainable, equitable, and just world.

At Rise Up, we enable girls to stand up, raise their voices, and advocate for their rights. We have built a global network of over 400 leaders who have advocated for laws and policies impacting 115 million girls, youth, and women.  One of these inspiring leaders is Achie Gezahegne of Ethiopia. In the blog below, Achie talks about how she raises her voice for Ethiopian girls and shares her vision for a future where girls are at the center of development.

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My Father’s Feminism

Riya’s Thoughts:

I learned how to be a feminist from my parents. My mom has always been a fierce advocate for women’s rights and was always steadfast in her efforts to be a great feminist role model. This contributed to the sense of self confidence and self empowerment that I carry today. My mom taught me how to be a feminist, but my dad taught me the standard to expect of male feminists.

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